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What Does it do ?

JOTWiki is a " Wiki", it allows you to create, edit, and link web pages easily without having to learn a difficult language like HTML.

Who is it for ?

Anybody who wants to:
  • Have a website that can be edited on the fly without technical difficulties.
  • Have a simple collaboration site, to share ideas, texts and documents in a central, always-online location

What are the Features ?

Administration / Security

  • No Dependencies, all in one, all you need is a java application server.
  • Easy administration: Web based administration screens, no need to fiddle with xml files and/or command-line.
  • Templates support, so you can easily choose or make a nice look for your pages.
  • Support for multiple namespaces, allowing you to have multiple "sites", with different looks and permissions within the wiki.
  • Full support for profiles, users and permissions, allowing to allow or disallow any features per user (also support guests / unlogged users)
  • Captcha feature (Image code verification) to prevent automated posts/comments by robots(Spam).
  • Mail server support, to send you copy of posted comments automatically.
  • Automatic encryption of email addresses to prevent Spam.
  • Built-in database - No need to mess with configuring a separate DB.
  • Pages are save in plain text on the file system, so they are easy to access, And older copies of pages are automatically backed up.
  • Automatic cleanup of old files and logs (configurable)


  • Easy to use, you can create and edit page in your browser in a simple edition pane with icons. screenshots#editPane
  • Powerful, yet simple Syntax.
  • Automated edition locks, so only one user can edit a page at a time, avoiding data loss.
  • Support(optional) comments for your pages, so users can add comments.
  • Support(optional and configurable) for adding/Uploading images and files to your pages easily.
  • Breadcrumbs feature, so your users know what pages they have been through.
  • Source Code block support, so you can easily add some source code in your page and it will be rendered in a nice box(uninterpreted).
  • Support for simple Boxes to highlight Tips, warning etc...
  • Printer stylesheet, so your page will print nicely.

Indexing / Searching / Tracking

  • Built-in search engine, which will index automatically your content and provide a search form to users.(optional)
  • Built-in google sitemap generator, so your content will be easily and efficiently indexed.
  • Built-in support for Google web-analytics, just enter your Google Analytics ID.
  • Built-in support for AddThis, allowing users to easily add your pages to social-network sites.

How much does it cost ? (free)

JOTWiki is Free(open-source) for non-commercial uses.
It his released under the " GPL 3.0" for non-commercial uses.

See License for more informations.

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